Custom tailoring


It is known, that a men is met by his clothes. The way he is dressed, one can make a conclusion about his character, income, temperament and mood. Masters and designers in our atelier will give a professional consultation regarding the textile and fashion of Your desired outfit.

Clothing, made by individual draft will help You to expressyour inner «Me». We will help to make all Your designer’sideas and dreams come true and choose Your unique style! Our atelier’s masters are able to fulfill most elegant and extraordinary ideas , from the wedding dress with a corset to the cashmere coat.

Skirt 50€
Long skirt 70€
Blouse 60€
Dress 80€
Long dress 110€
Wedding dress 250€
Blazer without lining 80€
Blazer with lining 120€
Vest without lining 50€
Vest with lining 80€
Trousers 60€
Short trousers 45€
Trouser skirt 60€
Robe 60€
Spring/autumn coat 260€
Winter coat 320€
Summer coat 200
Removable collar, scarf 30€
Removable cape, hood 35€
Length up to 118 сm + 10%
Velvet, lace, siphon + 30%
Urgent work + 50%
Skirt 1€
Blouse 1,50€
Dress 2€
Costume 3€
Bed linen
Duvet cover (2 person) 25-36€
Duvet cover (1 person) 21-45€
Pillowcase (no zipper) 7€
Bedsheet 7€