In our atelier You can order mending for the clothing of any fashion. Come and we will help You! We know how it’s sad to say goodbye to your favorite things when they are worn out and old.

How can You bring them the new look and give yourself an oportunity to put them on over and over again? There is a way out and we know it! Visit our atelier and we will make full-scale mending of your clothing.

Our tailors will help You to get rid of that hole on Your favorite dress or jacket, trim any item and give it a new life! We are always ready to give You a professional advice about the best way to give a new look to Your favorite things and make them more fashionable and good-loking.

Sometimes the clothing in stores doesn’t fit You right. There is no reason to worry! Come and we will fit it for You.

P.S Only clean clothes will be accepted for mending.

Lining replacement

Type of work
Price (EUR)
Skirt 15
Trousers 17
Blazer (men’s) 34
Blazer (women’s) 30
Jacket 38
Leather jacket 48
Coat 45
Leather coat 56
Fur coat 70


Type of work
Price (EUR)
Trousers 7
Trousers with tape 10
Cuffed trousers 11
Knit trousers 7
Sports trousers 7
Jeans (origin.) 10
Skirt 8
Skirt with lining 10
Blouse, top 7
Sleeve of a blouse, top 7
Blazer with lining 16
Blazer without lining 12
Blazer sleeve 12
Blazer sleeve with lining 16
Coat 17-25
Coat sleeve 14
Jacket 16
Jacket sleeve 14
Fur coat 38
Fur coat sleeve 30
Leather trousers 20
Leather skirt 24
Leather blazer 28
Leather jacket 28
Leather coat 32
Leather sleeve 22

Zipper replacement

Type of work
Price (EUR)
Trousers 8
Skirt 8
Jeans 8
Jacket impregn. 18
Down jacket 20
Children’s jacket (up to 55 cm) 15
Leather trousers 18
Leather skirt 18
Leather jacket 22-25

Making narrower

Type of work
Price (EUR)
Skirt (sides) 10
Trousers (sides) 10
Blouse, top (sides) 10
Trousers (back side) 8
Blazer 18
Coat 28
Blouse sleeve correction 16
Blazer sleeve correction 22
Coat sleeve correction 26

Other services

Type of work
Price (EUR)
Clips 4
Sewing a button 1
Sewing a button on a leather product 2
Shoulder pads 3
Curtains (1 m) 2
New pocket 6
Old pocket mending 6
Stiching 1 m 2
Overlock 1 m – 3x 1.5
Overlock 1 m knit 3
Work for the next day 30%
Urgent work 50%